Always with you.

Always with you. Always with me. On April 19, Helen and I rode to Raglan. We checked out Soul Shoes, drunk some coffee, had an unfortunately conversation with Mr Plod; and an all-round good Sunday out. And caught a bunch of it on video Music by Joe Satriani:... read more

Easter 2015 – Whangamomona experience

On Easter weekend 2015 we (Paul and Helen) motorcycled to Wellington, mainly to visit Helen’s daughter Sarah, and sister (plus family including new born baby) Tracey.
Then on Sunday we headed to Whangamomona via Stratford, where we met with Warren and Robyn, and Richard on their bikes, then rode back to Hamilton together.

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FXDF Suspension upgrade

So this Friday I trucked down to Kiwi Suspension Solutions. They had an ex-demo set of Ohlin’s HD022’s .. how could I resist. At nearly half price, reconditioned like new, and perfect for the Fatbob, why not I said to myself. So on went the shocks, of... read more

Hello Fatbob

Bye bye Honda Hornet, Hello Harley Davidson FXDF Fatbob. Yep, that’s right .. I made the switch from a sports bike (well naked sports bike) to a cruiser, and a Harley no-less. I did it about two weeks ago, and so far love it. Gobs of torque, much less top speed... read more

Pirelli Angel ST Tyres after 13000kms

Well after 13000 kilometers I can finally be rid of the angels. They say that tyres a personal thing, and each rider has their own preference; well to be honest, I’m not a fan of the Pirelli Angel ST tyres. At first they felt pretty good, but then they were a... read more

Feb 2012 .. Waikaremoana

Man I’m terrible at blogging 🙂 Anyway, this month I finally (after months of planning, and preparing) completed Waikaremoana. It’s 46kms, can be done in three days, I took four days; my last day was 1 hour long then a 5 hour drive back to Hamilton. Great... read more

Am I this bad at updating?

Apparently yes 🙂 This month I registered and started a steam group FPSNZ I’m hoping to get some people together from NZ that are interesting in First Person Shooters. I also bought Call of Duty Black Ops, and Battlefield 2 complete collection (coz it... read more

Angels update

Well a few hundred kays or so later the Pirelli Angel ST Tyres are finally coming in to their own. This weekend I did a short blat around Te Awamutu, Kihikihi, Arapuni, Okoroire, and then back home. The front tyre finally felt planted on the ground. The down side is I... read more

Pirelli Angel ST Tyres

Well after much consideration I have made the swap from Metzeler Z6 / M1 combo, to Pirelli’s The Pirelli Angel ST was released late last year as a replacement for the Pirelli Strada, which I have always liked the look of. So I forked out some dosh, and got a set... read more

New pics

I thought i was about time I added some new pics in my gallery. Parked the Hornet on the deck, and gave it a good clean up 🙂 Check out the... read more


There’s a fun game happening in hamilton at the moment. Tag-o-rama You take a photo of you bike somewhere, then post it online. The next person must find the sport, take a photo of their bike, then post a new tag .. it’s good fund. My latest tag, the... read more

Suspension Journey part II

So a few days have past and today I finally got on the bike fully set up. Last night with Warr’s direction 🙂 I installed the forks from HenryDorsetCase.  Some mucking about making tools, and then breaking tools ended the night with the forks on, but I... read more


Well it was bound to happen with a missus that works in a Harley shop 🙂 To be honest I have never ridden a Harley before, so this was a bit of a “moment” for me The Crossbones is a retro throw back, harkening to era long gone. Point of interest for me... read more

Suspension Journey part I

So today with Warren’s direction 🙂 I removed the front forks, getting ready to send them off to HenryDorsetCase HenryDorsetCase made me an offer 3 days ago; I send him my standard OEM forks, and $1000, and he sends me his racetech forks, and a 46DR Ohlins shock.... read more

Sunday Funday at Raglan

Well today was “day with the family” day … fortunately for me this included riding and fishing 🙂 yeehaa The riding was ok, Tracey has been nursing a sore neck for a few weeks so she wasn’t keen on any lengthy ride, so a quick flick over the... read more

After work divi

So a tyre is due .. things are getting a bit wobbly in the corners .. it could all be in my head, who knows, but I’ve decided on the Z6 rear tyre again, and it is booked in on Friday. Today a quick blat of the divi was in order, mostly to see if I was feeling... read more
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