So a few days have past and today I finally got on the bike fully set up.ohlins

Last night with Warr’s direction 🙂 I installed the forks from HenryDorsetCase.  Some mucking about making tools, and then breaking tools ended the night with the forks on, but I wasn’t 100% happy that everything was torqued up properly.

Also, after some discussion with Warr, I discovered I didn’t have the necessary tools to install the rear shock.

So I made the decision to ride *carefully* into town in the morning, and get assistance.

So this morning I dropped the hornet and the ohlins shock into Honda Hamilton.

Picked up this afternoon, paid a measly $96 for installation, and checking my work on the forks, and packed the OEM shock in my bag. … coolness 😀

race-techI did a quick flick over the divi just to see if there was a big difference or not.

It may be all in my head, but it certainly seems better .. I’ll have to do some more testing this week 🙂

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