Well after 13000 kilometers I can finally be rid of the angels.

Metzeler Z6

They say that tyres a personal thing, and each rider has their own preference; well to be honest, I’m not a fan of the Pirelli Angel ST tyres.

At first they felt pretty good, but then they were a replacement for a mismatched pair of metzelers (I tried a low profile front tyre .. dumb idea). But I never felt particularly safe. It is possible that this is all in my head, I can’t actually remember these things ever letting go or misbehaving, I just didn’t feel like they were sticking.

So this morning I ditched them 🙂

4000 kms ago I put on a Metzeler z6 on the back (my old favourite is back in production !!! awesome ! ) and this morning I put on the matching z6 front.

Still .. 13000 kms from a front tyre is pretty damn good ! (and 9000 kms from a rear), but I got that kind of mileage from the Metzeler’s.

Any way, I wouldn’t rush out and buy another pair of Angel’s, not my cup of tea really 🙂

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