So I guess this summer it’s all about hair growth for me 🙂

01-11-2014So I start clean shaven on the 1st of November; Here’s a pic of me on that day (taken as I strolled along Kawhia beach with Helen)

It start kind of just rebelling against the norms; in fact Helen’s first response was not at all positive ! the stubble just didn’t work for her, she hated it. This of course, spurred me on even more in my quest to buck against the norms of society 🙂 (yep I’m a bad-ass)

Anyways, I’m pretty hooked on the idea now. As each day passes I grow more attached to the face rug, and have started to now picture myself as “bearded”.

The whole experience so far has exposed me to all sorts of reactions from people. Some positive, some negative, some people think I’m nuts, some think I’m scruffy (not far wrong actually .. now at least).

I’m 5 weeks into it, and have discovered some rather surprising little pleasures.

My daily routine of oiling the beard with my own home made beard oil. Combing with my hand-made, saw cut Kent comb. Waxing my moustache as I train it to grow out from face, rather than into my mouth. All things that are quite fun.

Any ways .. here are some pics


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