So you may or may not be aware that Helen and I have taken up snowboarding in a big way. Basically every weekend this winter we’ve been to the mountain.

I’ve progressed pretty fast, from never snowboarding in my life, to tackling a black diamond run (even though it was completely by mistake).

This weekend (August 25th, 2018) we heading to the mountain once again; Whakapapa road was only allowing vehicles with chains, including 4WD’s. Of course I left my chains at home ! So we headed to Turoa for the first time ever.

Turoa in the morning

Nice drive up Moutain Road, really pretty scenery, with snow dusting the trees.

Mountain Road, Ohakune

Mountain Road, Ohakune

I stopped a got a couple of pics of Helen on the mountain:

Total White out conditions

Helen heading down Clarry’s Track, Turoa

The visibility and crowds were both pretty bad.
By lunch time I’d had enough of the lack of visibility; The mountain report tells me Whakapapa has better visibility so we head there.


Well, the report was wrong !! It is BLIZZARD conditions ! But I convinced Helen we should head up to the Delta Chair.

It is crazy windy ! and snowing, and cold, and, well, blizzard conditions. I decide I still want to snowboard down, even though we literally cannot see the snow under our feet, and Helen follows.

Of course I take a big tumble, and get back up with pain in my left ankle; I ignore it and carry on down the mountain, heading towards Hut Flat and the Rock Garden. Helen follows.

We rendezvous at the top of Rangatira Express chair; Helen bails out, she’s taking the chair down, and headed towards Happy Valley, I (ignoring my now quite sore ankle) take the Rock Garden down.

We meet at Happy valley, and bump into Katrina, Sarah, and Ross

We have a few runs down Happy Valley, after 3 I decide my ankle is too sore, and needs to stop.

Home by 7:30pm

Well, we get home, and off comes the boots, bad news….

So we spend Sunday morning getting x-rays, waiting around in Accident and Emergency, to find out nothing is broken, and with some care I should be back on the mountain next weekend. Phew! Got to have a hoon around on a wheel chair though 🙂


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