I use markdown a lot, but sometimes need a quick “cheat sheet” (because I’m thinking about code, rather documenting normally)
Here is my “cheat sheet”

This Markdown cheat sheet provides a quick overview of all the Markdown syntax elements. It can’t cover every edge case, so if you need more information about any of these elements, refer to the reference guides for basic syntax and extended syntax.

Also note, all code highlight is done using Rouge

Basic Syntax

These are the elements outlined in John Gruber’s original design document. All Markdown applications support these elements.


# H1
## H2
### H3


**bold text**


*italicized text*


> blockquote

Ordered List

1. First item
2. Second item
3. Third item

Unordered List

- First item
- Second item
- Third item



Horizontal Rule

[title](https://www.example.com){: target="_blank"}


![alt text](image.jpg)

Extended Syntax

These elements extend the basic syntax by adding additional features. Not all Markdown applications support these elements.


| Syntax | Description |
| ----------- | ----------- |
| Header | Title |
| Paragraph | Text |

Fenced Code Block

  "firstName": "John",
  "lastName": "Smith",
  "age": 25


Here's a sentence with a footnote. [^1]

[^1]: This is the footnote.

Heading ID

### My Great Heading {#custom-id}

Definition List

: definition


~The world is flat.~~

Task List

- [x] Write the press release
- [ ] Update the website
- [ ] Contact the media

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