Or why Safari on my iPad thinks it best to undo all my work!

So this morning started out with a cooking breakfast, thanks totally to a thoughtful daughter and a deserving wife :) Somehow I just ended up scoring bacon and eggs too !! #winning :)

So I quietly sit down with my cooked breakfast, my iPad, and the news. so far so good.

News css tricky menu I see, quiet nice I think to myself, should probably pay that some attention in the future I think to myself “ *ping* “ that’s the sound of me having a great idea.

I know I’ll post it on TerminalAddict.com, share it with the world, AND it will keep a record of the URL so I can check it later on in the day .. .brilliant !

However, if you ever tried to compose something in Safari, on an iPad, you know quite well that it is difficult, typing html is not the best on an iPad; copying and pasting is a bit slow .. .y’get the drill.

Turns out Safari thinks “I haven’t refreshed this window for a while, better do it now”; it doesn’t matter that I have a form with content in it, the page hasn’t changed for 30 seconds; OH .. and it deletes all my content in the form !!!!


*shakes fist*

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