I’ve long been a fan of fast internet. When I built my country home 8 years ago I paid an extra $5000 to get a huge pole installed, so I could get wireless delivered (17kms line of site). At the time this was pretty cutting edge stuff, and expensive !!! but everything in my house uses the internet; my TV (TiVo) my phones (voip) my cell phones (3 android phones in the house) plus my idle iPad.

Content, my kingdom for content

I’ve also been pretty good friends with the folks (or at least one of them) at Velocity Networks, so I’ve had my unfair share of information from network providers. Content is king !

No body wants a fast connection, just so they can say they have a fast connection (well maybe I do :) ) but really we want content don’t we? TV on-demand, game servers, hosted movies, content .. content .. content! but what content?

However the NZ government seems to be working against us with an ill-informed anti-piracy law that removes any burden of proof; we’re all just scared out of our wits to share anything in case we get the book thrown at us.

So how is ultrafast broadband supposed to succeed ?

More game servers? !!!!

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